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We have launched a new podcast initiative that gives young people aged 15-18 the opportunity to participate in an immersive, week-long podcast-making workshop. Through this creative process, young people are encouraged to explore the themes and issues that matter to them, enabling them to produce powerful personal podcasts which amplify their voices and bring their stories and lived experiences to life.

Delivered by industry professionals alongside guest tutors throughout the week, the young people learn a range of new skills including how to research and write podcasts, conduct interviews, and use technologies to record and edit podcasts. Having their eyes opened to new career pathways and training opportunities.


Untapping the musical talents of young people facing barriers through an intensive six-month course gives young people the opportunity to write and create original music using the power of song, rap, hip-hop, grime, and spoken word.

This pilot will give 10-15 young people facing barriers the opportunity to explore songwriting and production techniques for the first time. The young people will participate in six music-making workshops and assignments, concluding with a recording session and celebratory event to showcase their work and amplify their voices.

The young people will attend an intensive and interactive songwriting workshop once a month for six months. They will develop skills in self-expression, writing in partnership, and exploring and telling their stories through music, amongst other topics. Industry professionals including artists, producers, and songwriters will mentor and run the workshops to lead and inspire the young people, with surprise drop-in guests.

At the end of the six months, the young people will have the opportunity to visit and record their music at a professional studio, introducing them to the world of music production and opening their eyes to career pathways and opportunities within the music industry.


Monthly sessions at Spiritland Studios where young people interview a range of industry experts. This programme gives young people the opportunity to spend time in a state-of-the-art studio, whilst testing out their interviewing and presenting skills.

So far, young people from Haringey have been joined by the Football Beyond Borders Team, Suggs, and podcasting experts from Little Cactus.

Check out the episodes Horizons young people have made so far on our YouTube channel.

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