Our mission is to create a fairer, more equal start in life for every  young person in haringey & enfield

Opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities are not equally distributed, with involvement affected by several factors, including socio-economic, gender, ethnicity, school attended & geographic location. 


of young people in the UK don’t take part in extra-curricular activities


of children from disadvantaged backgrounds are unable to engage in any extra-curricular activities


of young people who participate in sport are more likely to pursue further education

We work with




more than


children & young people

We know that participation in extra-curricular activity significantly increases social connection, positively impacts the physical & mental health of young people & assists in every area of their development. 

Our vision is that through equity of access to extra-curricular activity, ALL children & young people in Haringey & Enfield will have the opportunity to fulfil their enormous potential.

we won't stop until we 
Level the playing field

Through access to life-changing opportunities & experiences, we empower young people to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Young people are the Heart

We work closely with children & young people, making sure their voice is always heard. Their input allows us to better understand the world in which they live & constantly shapes our strategy and plans. 

We need you!

To deliver our mission & achieve our vision we need your support.
Donate today & help us positively transform young lives in Haringey & Enfield

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