We were founded in 2022 by Haringey Education Partnership.

Passionate about outcomes for children and young people, HEP saw that children in their community were not getting equitable access to life-changing experiences in sports, creative arts, technology and academia. We were set up to change this.

Back in 2020, when the pandemic was at its peak, the massive disparity in lived experience between children, young people and families across Haringey and Enfield was laid bare. Schools were working in overdrive to support their community through this hugely challenging time. It became clear to many that the inequity faced by children, young people, and families was deeply felt before, and further exacerbated by, this global crisis.

All children and young people deserve the opportunity to find their passions and grasp onto any opportunity, no matter where they are from or their circumstances. This is essential to their development and wellbeing. Schools have fought to include as many students as possible in extra-curricular activities, but with funding cuts, this has become harder and harder.

Inspiring and changing young lives

Access to, and engagement with, the arts, sports, technology, academic support and experiences can be life-changing for children and young people. Through working with a range of partners, locally and nationally, we seek out game-changing opportunities for children and young people across Haringey and Enfield. We are all about inspiring and changing young lives.

Group of school kids celebrating in front of camera
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