Our Mission

we exist to
change young lives.

Our mission is to create a fairer, more equal start in life for children and young people to support them to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

We do this by creating exciting opportunities for children and young people to engage in sports, creative arts, academia, technology, mentoring, experiences and more beyond the school gates.

Game-changing life experiences

Horizons work with children and young people to create equity of access to game-changing life experiences. We do this by generating/establishing exciting long-term opportunities in sports, creative arts, technology, academia, mentoring and outdoor activities for young people to engage with.

Three girls competing in a relay race


Anti-racism is as the centre of how we operate. Haringey is a hugely diverse borough with 38% of residents being from ‘BAME’ groups and 26% identifying as ‘white other’. Over 180 languages are spoken. In Enfield, we see a similar picture with 19.9% of the population identifying as Black, 10.6% identifying as Asian and 6.7% identifying as ‘white other’.

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We know access to and engagement with extracurricular activities is not equitable across all our diverse communities and we work in partnership with HEP and Haringey Council’s BAME Achievement work to address these issues in the work we do.

HEP have a range of fantastic resources freely available to access to help build an anti-racist practice within schools. 

We are working with partners in order to develop our own set of resources to support an anti-racist delivery of extra-curricular activities.

our vision

We know access to creative arts, sports, academic support, technology and new experiences can be life-changing for children and young people. Equity of access to such experiences is pivotal to ensure children have the opportunity to follow their passions

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